Asian Bathroom Design Tips

Asian Bathroom Design Tips

Asian Bathroom Design Tips – Having a problem with what design to pursue your bathroom in your small home? Do you want something that maximizes your bathroom space but is comfortable and un-claustrophobic? Then you can consider having an Asian bathroom design for your small home. If you must know, most homes in Asia are small. Because of this, with their ingenuity, Asian people created a design that best suits their humble homes.

The usual Asian Bathroom Design mostly consists of lights that are mainly incandescent lamps placed above the ceiling of the bathroom. Sometimes they use fluorescent lamps for the lighting of their bathroom, but they often use soft-glow types of lamp, to make their bathroom cooler-looking rather than using yellow lights such as incandescent lights.

Asian Bathroom Design Tips

There are other things that need to be considered when you want to copy an Asian Bathroom design for your bathroom. First, to give off an optical illusion of having a bigger room, Asian bathroom designs usually use vibrant colors for their tiles and walls. Sometimes, they use real flowers to add freshness to the area. They also sometimes use waterproof wallpaper which is in bamboo prints to add to the nature-like experience when entering this Asian Bathroom.

Japanese Style Bathroom Design

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, Asian Bathrooms go for minimalist types. They use simple metal fixtures for their faucets, shower heads, and booths. The main shower design, on the other hand, depends on the country of origin. If you want a Japanese inspired shower design, it is usually in the circular shape. Moreover, if you go for Chinese design, then your shower will be in wider perspective. So these are just some of the few tips you need to know about Asian Bathroom Design. If you want to know more about it, you can search over the internet.

Basic Bathroom Lighting Tips – Sometimes costly and time-consuming repainting or retiling of bathrooms is unnecessary since a simple rearrangement of bathroom lighting will do wonders for the overall look and feel of your surroundings. It is important to note that there are also some compromises between aesthetics and functionality when it comes to lighting.
In regards to positioning, bathroom lighting should be installed above the main bathroom mirror or near the sink on both sides. This will provide the best lighting for your daily bathroom tasks.

When placing bathroom lights for vanity mirror purposes, it is recommended to use incandescent or halogen lights with controls for the brightness or a dimmer. This will allow you to adjust the lights based on the user.

To test for proper bathroom lighting intensity, you may need to first use overly bright lights and use dimmers to adjust the brightness to acceptable levels. Neodymium light bulbs are recommended because they can simulate natural sunlight at acceptable levels, providing an accurate representation of what you may look like outside. This is important for vanity mirrors.

Try to avoid recessed bathroom lighting since they could cause too many shadows on your face but they may be appropriate for other places such as the shower, as the reduced visibility could prove advantageous and useful.

The shower, tub or Jacuzzi parts of a bathroom tend to be overlooked most of the time, but these parts need proper bathroom lighting as well in the form of one or two recessed downlights.

These simple tips may help in your lighting plans, which is the first element of design since light is what will bring out color, form, or texture.


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