Home Security Systems Preferred by Consumers

Home Security Systems Preferred by Consumers

Because of the increasing incidences of home crimes, it has become impossible not to invest in a security system for your peace of mind. The safety of our homes is a priority over other expenses we have and today’s market offers all kinds of gadgets. More than the customary locks and bolts, it is now a necessity to get a home security system that comes with a monitoring service.

Home Security Systems Preferred by Consumers

The companies that offer home security systems differ in the kinds of equipment that they offer and the package cost. Some will give the equipment free of charge while others will bill you for monthly rental and monitoring service. There are basic elements that are common to all and this includes:

  • Installation: Check whether the service is offered free with a package or if you have to pay a one-time fee for it.
  • Equipment: What kinds of device/s are included in the package- how many sensors, camera/s, etc? Decide if it is enough for the size of your home. Some companies will offer the equipment for free as part of a contract for a specific number of years.
  • Monitoring: Does the company offer round the clock monitoring? Will the monitoring service be hooked up to promptly contact authorities in case an emergency happens?

Warranty: In case an equipment malfunction, does the company provide a replacement free of charge? If you paid for the equipment, do you get a refund of your money?

These primary features will vary with each company. Making a note of it should ensure that you not only get the top equipment for your home security service, you also have the advantage of enjoying the best value for your money.

Surveys have been conducted to get the consumers’ preferred service providers in terms of home security systems and those who ranked high include Protect America, FrontPoint Security, and ADT. Protect America gives you a high tech security system at a reasonable price which you can install on your own.

FrontPoint, on the other hand, offers a system that uses all G.E. products with 100% cellular monitoring. ADT’s edge is that they give a lot of choices in security plans to suit whatever needs you may have. So if you are checking out options for a security system, these three companies are a good place to start.


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