Most Popular Garden Design Ideas and Styles

Most Popular Garden Design Ideas and Styles

Popular Garden Design Ideas and Styles
As noted above, there are a lot of garden design ideas for your home exterior both front and backyard. Almost everyone love greenery scene of plants, colorful and beautiful flowers, adorable pond and other garden things. You can choose what’s best for your exterior and make it creatively to get an impressive garden design. Now, let’s see a few popular garden design ideas for your inspiring garden plans.

Front Garden Design

Let’s overview your front yard, some homeowners have a big space of front yard, while some others have a small one. If you live in a small apartment and have no front yard, just skip this explanation. For a front yard, you should make a greenery entry path right from the gate to the main door. The green plants at both sides would enhance the sidewalk appearances and of course a good first impression about your home.

If you have more spaces, means you have more chance to renovate your front yard into a stunning one. Don’t forget to build a seating area, covered lawn around and growing trees at proper area in your front yard. You should also install a good fence and porch to make the whole front yard look stunning and adorable.

Here is the tip for you to overview your front yard before creating front garden design: Just go across the street and see your home and front yard from the distance, approach from any direction so you will get an honest overview about your front yard. If you finally find out the shape, make a good plan to renovate your old front yard garden into a new look.

Backyard Garden Design

A backyard is an open space for a gardening purpose; play area even your food factory. If you have a big space, you are lucky because you can make more gardening things in this backyard. You can make a pond, growing your own vegetables and a perfect place for a family reunion as well as barbeque party. Don’t be afraid if you have only a small backyard, you can maximize the use of space by choosing the right garden design.

You need to choose a good stack to manage your favorite plants so all of the spaces are well-managed. You can still enjoy the warm summer afternoon at the backyard by adding instant table and patio. Even a small backyard can also have a small pond and aquatic life. Just match the size of your backyard with the pond and feel the relaxation moment when you see koi or other fish at your pond.

For a big backyard, you need to categorize the areas into some particular plants. You need to prepare space for fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. This is also a good place to bring your family to love nature and green lifestyle.

Most Popular Garden Design Ideas and Styles

Vegetable Garden Design

As I discussed a bit previously, you can make a vegetable garden design both at the front and backyard. However, I recommend you to grow your organic vegetables at the backyard because you can maximize your creativity more in the big space in the backyard. There are so many vegetables you can grow simply in your backyard garden, but most importantly, just choose the most usable for your family. I recommend growing lettuce, tomatoes, beans, carrots, spinach, strawberry, and squash.

You have so many benefits when making vegetable garden designs such as a healthy organic vegetable for your family, good habit to love nature and green lifestyle and of course impressive look of your backyard from the fruity trees, healthy vegetables, and colorful flowers. Besides the vegetable garden design ideas, you can also maximize your front or backyard by creating herb garden design.

You will get the benefit of having herb sources to cook with such as chives, basil, mint, rosemary, and other kitchen herbs. Make sure you grow all of those plants well-managed so you would not only farm at your backyard but also enjoy the garden design ideas for your relaxation and lounging.

Modern Garden Design

Modern or contemporary designs have been so popular nowadays. There are a lot of contemporary ideas to design both exterior and interior of a home or apartment. If you have a modern home design, then you should also match the exterior to make modern or contemporary garden design.

Mostly, modern garden design is so popular in the urban area. To build one, you need to consider some aspects such as simplicity, strong, shaping and of course functional. Most of the modern garden is small, then you should also learn about maximizing the space into an aesthetic and functional area.

You can turn a small urban backyard into a contemporary garden, family space or even vegetable garden by optimizing the layout and some architectural things. If you have less space especially for the urban area, you can also be creative to maximize small garden design and turning it into indoor

Cottage Garden Design

If you want to make a cottage garden, you should let the plants go with the flow without defined pattern, informal and free flowering. You don’t need to complete the design by new varieties of plants, just grow some old fashioned traditional flowers and herbs such as snapdragon, peony, foxglove, violets, and primroses.

Make the whole garden design as informal as possible by adding comfy and homey furniture for your outdoor living space or seating area. To enhance your garden, you may accessorize it by adding vintage items that you can find easily at the garage sale. Be old fashioned by installing old fences, gates and any rustic material to shape the cottage garden design uniquely.

Just be creative, you don’t have to follow and stick to the rule. Follow your own personal thought, inspiration and grow your favorite flowers and herbs and you will find the unique and beauty of cottage garden design.


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